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Last Week 

We have finished out last lesson for our topic. This week, have a think about all the topics we have learnt about. Can you create a poster; a PowerPoint; a leaflet; a mini-book: whatever you feel like.

Either showing what you have learnt and can remember from all the topics

OR…a poster for one of those topics.

I have added some knowledge organisers for each topic to help jog your memory.

Summer 2 - Week 5  6th July 

This week, we are thinking about how plants spread their seeds. This is called seed dispersal. As an extra, why not go on a walk and find examples of different seeds. You could create a collage or artwork to show what you found. You could add labels to explain how each plant or seed disperses or was dispersed. 

Summer 2 - Week 4 - 29th June 

This week, we are learning all about the different parts of a flower. Below is the main work and some other art ideas you might like to try. Enjoy!


Summer 2 - Week 3 

Week 2 of our plant topic. This week we are learning all how water is transported in plants...lots of interesting work for you to complete. 

Challenge Task 


Have a go at dying some of the petals of a flower. This shows you how the water is transported from the root to the flower tip.

Have fun

Summer 2 - Week 3......New Topic!


Now we have some lovely weather (mostly), we can think about our gardens and especially our plants. For the next few weeks, we will be thinking about plants. I have spent more time learning how to grow plants this year, and have even grown my own grass! Look at it grow!

Seed Germination

Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days

Summer 2 Week 2 

This is the final lesson in our light topic - well done! This week we are looking at how light is reflected. Check out the challenge - good fun! 

Summer 2 Week 1 1/6/20

This week, we are focusing on how shadows move and change. Enjoy!

Summer Week 5

This week, in our Light and Shadows topic, we will learn all about how shadows are formed. I have made the work as practical as possible. There is a shadow investigation, some art activities as well as a making a puppet show challenge. Enjoy!


Science Lesson 3 - Light and Shadows

To complete the task, you will need some different materials and a torch (you could use the torch option on your parents’ phone if you want).

Please do not worry if you don’t have some of these materials. I’ve tried to make it as active as possible and it is supposed to be fun so just explore as best you can with what you have.


Activity 1

Find a variety of opaque (e.g. books, card, tin foil, wood), transparent (e.g. clear plastic, laminating material, glass) and translucent (e.g. tissue paper, greaseproof paper, paper towels) objects.


Use a torch to test what kind of shadow is produced by each of the materials and record on worksheet or your own paper by first predicting whether it will be opaque, transparent or translucent and then ticking correct column.

Summer Week 4

This week we will continue with our Light topic. In this lesson, we will concentrate on the difference between day and night. Read the following Power point and complete the work set below. 

Summer Week 3 

We will carry on with our new Science topic next week, but I thought we could celebrate VE day together. 

First, you can watch the videos that tell you about the VE celebrations and what they mean. Below there is a table where there are lots of ideas you could complete to celebrate VE Day.

If you want, why don't you have a 'Stay At Home' celebration on Friday? Don't forget to send me the pictures! 

VE Day 75th Anniversary Video Lesson Key Stage 1

This is a video lesson to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day for children in Key Stage 1. It focuses on the concepts of evidence and similarity and differen...

V E Day in London - 1945

V E Day began with Mr Churchill's broadcast officially announcing the end of war in Europe. Londoners took to the streets in celebrations which continued for...

Songs For Your VE Day celebration 

Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

A clip from Buck Privates from my VHS Tapes file. I do not own the rights, but love the movie.

Summer Week 2 - Our New Science Topic will be:

Extra information about our light topic.

Watch the video about Light sources and read the information on the Powerpoint. This will help you complete the work and challenge sheet. Enjoy! 

Sources of Light | Science for Kids | Kids Academy

This topic organiser is there to help you with your work and contains the main facts we would have learnt over the topic. You can choose to do as many of the tasks. The minimum would be one a week. If you want to do more, you can. Again, send me some photos of your work.