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Activities to develop early writing


· Copy patterns using building blocks, matchsticks, coins, buttons, pegboards. Make it harder by taking away the original and asking the child to copy it from memory


· Copy basic shapes and patterns using playdough, drawing in sand, using pipe cleaners


 · Mazes


· Walk along a rope, string, or taped line


· Follow-the-leader in different shapes


· Making your own body look like the different shapes


· Finger painting with shaving cream, paint, cornflour and water


· Sand drawing with sticks, fingers, rakes, spades or even feet


· Make the shapes out of pipe cleaners, Wikkistiks or string


· Water painting on a brick wall using a paintbrush or a squirter bottle


· Tracing with stencils using finger paints, marker pens or crayons


· Join the stars/stickers to make the shapes


· Drawing in the air with a ribbon stick or wand


 · Games with matching the different shapes


 · Use an upright chalkboard or paper pinned to a wall