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Afternoon Activities


Today I would like you to read the 'Little blending book -  Phase 3 set 8 focus sounds 'ch, 'sh', 'th' and 'ng' on Oxford Owl.

Busy Fingers

In school we have daily dough disco sessions which help us to get our fingers nice and strong so that we can become wonderful writers. You can take part in 'dough disco' at home by following the video below. 


Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! Easy to follow playdough routine which is 3 minutes lo...

Ideas to support fine and gross motor.

Washing day – washing clothes in a bucket or baby bath or washing up bowl. Scrubbing clothes, wringing them out and using pegs to hang on a washing line.

• Washing cars, bikes, and other items outdoors.

 • Using a bucket of water and different sized paint brushes paint walls and fences…and watch the water disappear – write letters, words, numbers, shapes, pictures.

• Simple races – hopping, skipping, jumping, walking sideways, dribbling a ball, bouncing a ball – use a timer.

• Throw balls, (tennis, ping pong,) into different sized containers – plant pot, bucket, yoghurt cartons, plastic cups – make it more difficult by moving further away or using smaller containers.

• Draw lines with chalk on the floor– straight, wavy, zigzag – walk along the line / walk with something balanced on their head/ walk along and pick up an object…who can be the fastest?

• Using a timer set simple challenges – balance on one leg /other leg/opposite hand and foot/stand still/jump on spot/ star jumps, etc