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  • Watch Miss Tyrer talk and act the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You should be feeling more confident to join in with the actions and words now.
  • Create your own version of the Goldilocks story map. Once it is finished use it to retell the story. I would love to see a video on 2simple evidence me of you using your very own story map to retell the story. I have put some examples below.


Here are some tips for when you make your story map. 

  • Use the largest paper you can find (old rolls of wallpaper are great for this)
  • Make sure your story moves from left to right
  • Draw arrows to show what happens next. 
  • Only draw pictures for key events - you do not have to draw everything or it would be very long!
  • Hand draw your story map.
  • Keep it simple
  • Use colour to make certain parts stand out. 
  • If you need a break, thats okay! You do not have to finish it all in one sitting!
  • If you can stick your story map up where you can see it.