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Below you will find some knowledge organisers full of facts about Baghdad - an early Islamic civilisation.  


Task 1 - complete the timeline task so that you understand where this information sits in terms of eras.  E.g. did it come before or after the Anglo-Saxon era that we learnt about earlier on in the year?


Task 2 - read the knowledge organisers.  You might need to do this a few times before you begin to remember some of the facts. 


Task 3 - create some information pages telling me all about what life was like if you lived in the early Islamic civilisation of Baghdad in 900AD.  Choose your own headings.  Remember to make your pages attractive to the reader by using a range of non-fiction writing techniques.  E.g. headings, sub-headings, diagrams, images, text boxes, did you know boxes and many more.


Task 4 - use your knowledge organiser to create a quiz.


Task 5 - Islamic Geometric patterns.

Design and create your own Islamic geometric pattern.  Use the practise pages which show you how to draw circles to build up your pattern.  Colour it in, paint it or add colour using a medium of your choice (pastels, crayons, felt tips, chalk, charcoal, graphite or watercolour pencils.)

ISLAMIC ART - Early Islamic Civilisation Geometric Patterns


Can you create a piece of solar system artwork in the style that we practised in school?


Chalk would be a good medium to use.  If not, try and recreate the different levels of tint and shade with pencil crayons.  Decide where you want the sun to be (your source of light) and remember to graduate the depth of colour across the planet.  The side of the planet facing the sun should be light then gradually getting darker; the darkest part being where the planet faces away from the sun. 


Email me some of your pictures.  I'd love to see them.