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Afternoon Activities


Today I would you to read the story 'A bag of tricks' The books has all of the sounds we have learnt so far including the new sounds y, z, zz, and qu. The book also has some phase 3 tricky words he and she

You can find this book on Oxford Owl in the letters and sounds section.

Busy Fingers

In school we have daily dough disco sessions which help us to get our fingers nice and strong so that we can become wonderful writers. You can take part in a dough disco at home by following the video below. I have linked some more dough disco videos in the 'useful website' section so you can do this whenever you like. we would love to see you enjoying this activity so don't forget to upload a video to you 2simple evidence me account. 


'I like to' playdough action song

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Gross Motor Movement - This week we will focus on gross motor movement. Please only complete the activities that you have the equipment for.  You can add phonics or number work to all these activities if you like.

All of the below activities and photos have been taken from the Phonics Family website (see website link) they also have a facebook page which is full of great ideas. 




1. Twister - Dig out the game and play as normal or you could add phonics sounds/tricky words/ numbers to add a little bit of learning. 

2. Assault Course

Make some instructions that your child is able to read such as 6 hops, 8 kicks, 10 jumps, 5 stomps and let them read the instructions and complete the course!


3. Phonics bootcamp. 

We have played this in school a few times and the children seem to really like it. On a piece of paper write out some instructions such as 

ten quick feet

seven seconds run on the spot

six hops 



Optional Extra - You might want to listen to this nursery rhyme to help remember the story Golidlocks and the Three Bears.

Goldilocks | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

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