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Come and See

Baptism - Welcome 

We have been learning How we are welcomed into Gods family through Baptism. 

We talked about different ways we are welcomed in the school and how we welcome each other in to our classroom. We talked about how sometimes we use our hands to wave to our friends and give them a high five. Each person then painted their hand to help us make a welcome poster for our classroom door. 

We talked about how a new baby might be welcomed home and into Gods family. We watched video of a Baptism, Miss Sampson brought in some of her little boys Christening cards and then we prepared to celebrate by having a party.

We thought some more about the sequence of Baptism. We learnt some special words such as font and spotted the font on different pictures.  We worked in a group to order pictures and made our own Baptism candles. 

We visited church where Father Mark showed us a Baptism. He talked about how we are welcomed in to Gods family and the role of the God Parents . He showed us the Easter Candle and told us that when we are baptised we receive a special candle. Thank you for having us Farther Mark! 


In our first Come and See topic we have been learning our new friends names and talking about why our names are important. The children are beginning to learn that God knows and loves each person.

We went on a hunt around our school to find special names, labels and signs. We saw lots of example of the St Bede’s badge and the children talked about how it was the same as the one on their uniform! 

We then played a game called ‘who’s in the middle of the circle’ to help learn our friends names. 

The children have been learning how to write their special names in lots of different ways.

After listening to a reading from the Prophet Isaiah, we shared the message by creating a prayerful atmosphere and thought about our favourite phrases. 

I have called you by your name, you are precious to me.’

We passed a mirror around the circle to help us to understand that God knows and loves each person. 

We listened to a special prayer called a psalm. We learnt that God looks after us just like mummies and daddies look after their babies. We learnt how to look after our ‘babies’ in the home corner and acted out how we can keep them ‘safe and snug’.

To end our topic we spent some time celebrating and responding to the importance of our names. We thought about God and remembered that he knows us by our name and loves us all.