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Good News

To begin our topic, Good News, we explored what good news is and we discovered that everyone has good news to share. 

‘It’s nearly my birthday’

’My sister lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came!’

’My mummy had a baby’

’I painted a picture for my mummy’

’I had my first swimming lesson!’ 


We talked about some of the special ways in which we celebrated the Good News of Easter. We discovered that the season of Easter continues for 40 days after Easter Sunday until the Feast of Pentecost and that Good News of Easter is that Jesus has risen from the dead. Then we created an ‘Alleluia’ banner using some of the colours of Pentecost, such as, red, yellow and orange. 

This week it was revealed to us that Pentecost Day celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. We learnt that the Holy Spirit is our friend who guides and helps us. We cannot see the wind, but we can feel it. In the same way we cannot see the Holy Spirit, but we can feel the joy and happiness the Holy Spirit brings us. 

We went out onto the field to explore the effects of the wind by blowing bubbles and watching them dissipate into the air. What joy! 

We ended our topic with a moment of quiet reflection, remembering, celebrating and responding to the understanding that everyone has Good News and that Pentecost is the celebration of the Good News of Jesus. 

The Feast of St Bede

Our super chefs, Tracey and Christine, made us some delicious biscuits to celebrate the Feast of St Bede. Thank you! 


We began our next Come and See topic by talking about what a good friend is. Then we made friendship brackets and necklaces for each other.