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Spring Term work

In science this term, our topic was 'Materials'. We started off by looking at different objects and grouping them by properties we knew. Such as what they were made from or their colour. We then discussed different properties and their uses and the children had fun grouping them in different ways. This time by more useful properties. We also considered what materials were suitable for a specific purpose and why. In our final lesson the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a simple test to check the absorbency of different materials in order to answer a simple everyday problem. 

In Science we looked at different objects and grouped them by different properties.

The children discussed the different properties of materials and grouped them this time by useful properties and their different uses.

The final lesson of our topic was a simple group test. Mrs Bilsborough had set a challenge to find the most absorbent material to mop up some water her cat had spilt! The children were super excited and worked in teams to predict what would happen, to test strips of 6 different materials in cups of coloured water and time them for 1 minute each to find out which would be the best at the job. After the time had finished the children marked the line where the water rose to and compared their findings. They determined that the paper towels or the school paper towels were the best for the job. Phew! That will save Mrs Bilsborough's carpet! Well done Year 2!

Simple materials test.

Changing Shapes of Materials.


In our latest science lesson, we looked at forces. We discovered and investigated which materials can have their shapes changed by twisting, bending, squashing and stretching! We even tried to see if we could change the shape of ourselves!

Welcome to World Book Week! This year at St Bede's we decided to have a World Book week once all the children were back in school and what a fun first week back it was! Our Year 2 classroom became a builders yard as we looked at the wonderful and heart-warming story 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers. 

Amongst the caution tape and the hard hats, Year 2 looked in depth at the story, discussing the vocabulary and the meaning behind what the characters did. Towards the end of the week, we may our own houses, making sure they were just how we wanted them. We also tried to include some things that made our houses a home and what was special to us. Join us to check out some of the work we produced.