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Digital Media/ Self Portraits

As part of our Art topic we have been exploring how we can create self portraits using pencils. We started off by focusing on the lines and shapes we could see in our faces.





We then moved on to adding shading to our self portraits by using our pencils in different ways. Before we could do this, we needed to explore how we could create different shades by applying different levels of pressure with our pencils. 

Pablo Picasso

We looked at the life and works of the artist Pablo Picasso to look for inspiration for our own works. We appraised some of Pablo Picasso’s artworks, considering different questions such as; what we liked about the artworks and what we thought they represented. 

We used Pablo Picasso as inspiration to create our own self portraits using digital ,edit. We took photographs of our faces from different perspectives and used these to create our own new self portraits. 

We then used the computer programme ‘Paint’ to create digital self portraits using shapes, inspired by how Pablo Picasso uses different shapes to create faces. We used bright colours to represent a happy face and used ‘blue’ colours if our faces were sad. This was inspired by Pablo Picasso.