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Today we learnt about the number 5. We practised the counting sequence to 5 and tagged each object to the number word and noticed we have 5 fingers on one hand.


This week we have been learning about number 3. We noticed that the leaves in our environment had big black spots! We collected them and drew rings around what we could see. 

R - “I can see two there and one there that makes three!”

B - “look I can see two spots together!”

We have been learning all about number 2. Today we decorated biscuits with two chocolate chips! It was quite tricky to count 2 from a larger amount! 

We have been learning all about number 1!

We went on a number 1 hunt to find one of an object. We recorded this and practised writing the number one using the rhyme - number one is like a stick, a straight line down is very quick! We have been singing the nursery rhyme ‘one finger, one thumb’ and played the game ‘one or more than one.’ We also learnt that circles have one side and created our very own circle pictures. What a busy week! 

This week we have been focusing on self registration activities. We have been using five frames to see how many children are in school. We have learnt that we must fill the frame by putting our photos next to each other without leaving gaps. This helps us to make sure all of the spaces are filled. The children have also been practising their noticing skills to see if the five frame is full or nearly full.