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Understanding the World

As we prepared to decorate our cupcakes we talked about the changes we observed as the icing sugar changed from a powder to a liquid. 

Winter walks!

Preparing for Chinese New Year! 

We had a visit from the Police Service. We loved hearing all about how they protect us and help us to feel safe in our community. Thank you for visiting! 

Paralympic Day with the Sports Development Team. 

Pancake Day! We read Mr Wolf’s Pancakes then made our own pancakes with Reception Class. 

Here we are searching for signs of spring, we were lucky to find snowdrops, daffodils and some buds starting to grow on the trees. 

Snow day! 

This week we were very excited to receive an incubator and 10 eggs to care for. On Wednesday, we were so excited to find that the eggs were hatching! 

We prepared the brooder and made sure it was nice and warm before transferring the chicks from the incubator.

Meet our chicks - Ben, Keith, Holli, Louie, Billy Bob, Ollie, Rosie, Isabella, Everly, Holly and Orla! 

Today we had a visit from Nail Technician, Morgan. She showed us the equipment she uses to care for her clients nails and then we had a go at creating our own designs.