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This term we are starting to learn phase 3 sounds. This is new learning for everyone. This week we will be learning the sounds y, z, zz, qu. (Phase 3 set 2)

Please listen to the jolly phonics song first, then play the phonics teaching video. For the phonics teaching video, you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. 


 Please upload a picture of you writing or a video of you practising the sound to you 2simple evidence me account.


Challenge - I have linked a phonics spotter sheet which you can support your child to read.  A spotter sheet is a short passage of text filled with a variety of words containing the new learnt sound. Please do not spend your time and money printing these sheets. You should be able to read these from the screen. You may want ask your child to read the whole passage of text or an adult could read it and you could ask you child to point to the new sound learnt. 


If you spent some time learning these sounds last week you could listen to the phonics songs and try the spotter sheets to secure knowledge.

Your grown up will read the story to you however you will be able to help read some of the words.

Can you spot the tricky words in the story: to, the 

Can you find and read the cvc words in the story: had, was, sat