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Afternoon Activities


Today I would like you to read the book 'Nok Can Fix It'. This book has all of the sounds we learnt last week. j, v, w, and x. 

It also has some phase 2 tricky words the, go and I as well as, the high frequency word that we looked at yesterday 'will'.


You can find this book in the letters and sounds section of oxford owl.

Busy Fingers.

In school we have daily dough disco sessions which help us to get our fingers nice and strong so that we can become wonderful writers. You can take part in dough disco at home by following the video below. I have linked some more videos in the 'useful website' section so you can do this whenever you like.  We would love to see you enjoying this activity so don't forget to upload a video to your 2simple evidence me account.

Dough dance/finger gym routine | Down in the Jungle | Nursery rhyme with playdough

Get up on your feet and bust a move on the dance floor with your playdough! This Early Years Emily dough gym/dough dance routine incorporates both fine and g...

This afternoon I would like you to work on your fine motor skills by completing some of the activities below. Good fine motor control will lead to better pencil grip and control.


I have made a list of some activities which will support fine motor skills. All are using things that you will probably have around the house. 


1. putting lids of Tupperware boxes

2. Unlocking locks with keys - little padlocks for suitcases are good for this. 

3. Cutting spaghetti

4.  Clipping pegs on to cardboard. - You may want to write the tricky words on the cardboard and see if your child can put the peg on the right word. 

5. Threading string through cardboard.

6. Using medicine syringes to transfer water form different cups - calpol syringes are great for this!

7. Using a paintbrush to write different letters in sand, salt, flour

8.Screwing nuts on to bolts.

9. Printing with lego bricks - you may want to count how many bricks you have stamped.

10. Putting cheerios on cocktail sticks.