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Our exciting new topic is Special St Bede's. During the next half term, we will be continuing to develop our understanding of our local area as we explore the physical and human features of our school grounds and the immediate surrounding area. We will follow and draw maps, identify rural and urban features as well as being able to talk about the physical and human features we see on our learning walks. Below is our knowledge organiser that gives all the information about the topic you will need. 

In our first lesson, we learnt all about why we need maps and how they help us. We learnt that each place has a special postcode so we can find it on a map. We then looked at aerial maps and could find our school on Digi maps. We explored our classroom and made our own aerial maps using different equipment. 

In our second lesson, we used our plans from last week to make aerial maps of our classroom. We also used a key to show that we had made. 

We then leant all about urban and rural settlements. The children we able to sort features into urban and rural headings.

Today, we went on a wellie-walk around our school grounds. We followed an aerial map and drew a route. We observed lots of features of our school. When we got back to class we added these features to our maps. 

In our next lesson, we studied different pictures of the school grounds and identified human and physical features. 

In our lesson, we reminded ourselves about the features of our school. We then created a sketch map of our school and its grounds. 

This lesson, we learned all about how to use compass directions. We firstly found different features of school and located their directions. Then we looked at maps of our local area and used the compass to find key physical and human features.