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Outdoor Learning

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky"

Margaret McMillan 1914



At St Bede's, we believe that outdoor play and learning is essential to children's health, development and wellbeing. Our outdoor learning complements indoor learning and is equally important. Outdoor learning encompasses all that childrne do, see, hear or feel in their outdoor space. This includes the naturally occurring cyclical opportunities linked to the seasons weather and nature. 


Outdoor learning is important because it;

  • Supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles
  • offers children opportunities
  • for physical activity; freedom and movement
  • Promotes a sense of confidence and wellbeing
  • Provides opportunities for developing harmonious relationships with other, through negotiations, taking turns and cooperation
  • Support those children who learn best through activity or movement
  • Provides safe and supervised opportunities for children to experiences new challenges. assess risk and develop the skills to manage difficult situations
  • Supports children developing creativity and problem solving skills
  • Provides rich opportunities for imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness
  • Gives children contact with the natural world and offers them uniques experiences, such a direct contact with the weather and seasons. 

At St Bede's we believe that outdoor learning is of equal importance to learning indoors therefore,  we ensure that every child is given the opportunity to play outside whatever the weather!


During our time in our outdoor area, children will have lots of opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of the world around them. It provides the opportunity for collaborative working in many of the curriculum areas and aims to instill a life long love for the natural world. 




What to wear. 


It is important that your child comes to school dressed appropriately. 


Please wear your school polo shirt and school jumper with long bottoms (no shorts) and suitable waterproof footwear. If it is cold and raining you will need to send a waterproof coat. If it is sunny please apply sunscreen before school. Please choose a high SPF e.g Lacura SPF 50+ kids roll on/ Ambre Solaire Kids Protection Anti- Sand spray SPF 50/ Calypso once a day SPF 40. 

Please do not send suncream in to school. 



Children will get wet and muddy when learning and playing outdoors. We provide protective clothing for them to wear such as wellington boots although you can provide these things if you wish. 


We teach children how to minimise how messy they get and this skill does develop through the year however it does take time and it is part of their learning and development. 



How to explore the outdoors at home.


Please use the links below to find outdoor activities you can enjoy together.