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Here we are working together in groups creating food chains/food maps for animals living in different habitats. First, we identified the producers, then we looked for the primary consumers, followed by the secondary consumers and finally the tertiary consumers, otherwise known as the apex predators. 

The Digestive System. Today, we used everyday items to model how our digestive worked. We placed food and water into a stomach (plastic bag). We added acid ( orange juice). We mixed it all together to create a partially digested liquid. Next, we poured the contents of the stomach into our small intestine (plastic bag). We simulated the absorption of nutrients by squeezing out the goodness. We then squeezed some more to simulate the absorption of water in the large intestine. Finally, we cut a whole in the intestine and squeezed out the waste - faeces ( yes, our poo!)

During this half term, our topic is called 'Animals, including Humans'. We will be learning about our teeth, the digestive system and food chains.

Tooth Decay ‘Eggsperiment’ We used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth added a range of liquids to them to see what happened to the egg’s shell (tooth enamel).

Today, we investigated the overall performance of different toothpastes. We observed colour, smelt and tasted each one. We then timed each toothpaste to see how long they took to clean the black spots and timed how long the toothpaste stayed on in a shake test.

Playing The Dental Health Game - learning all about how to keep our teeth and gums healthy.