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Communication and Language

The children we making a papier-mâché Solar System to display in nursery. As we poured the powder paste into the bowl we talked about what we could see and feel. 

‘It looks like a million stars’
‘It’s dry’
‘It feels like cereal’
‘It’s crunchy’


We added water to the powder and used our hands to mix.


‘It’s slimy!’
‘It feels wet and gooey!’
’It’s cold. It’s like slime!’

During phonics we went for a walk and talked about the different sounds we could hear.

‘Can you hear my feet marching?’
‘Birds?..The wind!’
‘I can hear S slashing in puddles’
‘I can hear a crow’
‘Can you hear Miss D’s feet stomping?’
‘I can hear the pond rippling’
‘I can hear the branches moving’
‘I can hear your boots squelching’