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Summer 2 Week 7 6th July 
Summer 2 - Week 6 - 29th June 

Summer 2- Week 4


Summer 2 - Week 3 
Summer 2 - Week 2 
Summer 2 Week 1 

Week 5

Now we are paying for resources, we will download them below. There are the daily worksheets and answers and a page that directs you to the daily videos. Just as before, but the worksheets are found here, not online. The arithmetic is below also. 

Week 4 

This week we are completing the work all about money. Look on the section from:

Week 3 (w/c 4th May)


Week 3 Maths - 

Lots of great feedback about the new topic of Fractions. Keep those pictures coming. This week we are on the Summer Week 2 WC 27th April. We are a week behind so don't worry. 

**Week 2 Summer Term


*Please note, from now on Maths work will be uploaded on a Monday so you can do a lesson per day. 


Please go to the White Rose Home Learning page:    


Complete this week's lessons (Summer Term – Week 1 W/C 20th April). This week we will start by exploring more about fractions. We began a little before we started this lockdown period. This section week is all about equivalent fractions.

Do not move onto week 2! We will complete a week at a time. Any questions or help you need, just email me. 


I have also uploaded a weekly arithmetic test as normal. 

Summer Week 1

I have popped the answers on for you to check. Enjoy! 

Answers to this weeks reasoning page. Arithmetic is on the back page of the test. yes

I had added the Maths for this week 23/3/20. The arithmetic has the answers as the peeking!!!


I have uploaded two different Maths has more challenges on. You are welcome to choose or do both. It covers the work from the Autumn term on place value so will be really good revision. I will upload the answers on Friday for you to check. 


Happy calculating!