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Week beginning 22/6/20

This week, your reading texts are fairy tales - with a twist!

The answers are at the bottom for you to check once you have finished. 

Week beginning 15/6/20


To celebrate the return of the Premier League this week, here are some reading comprehensions about football! 

Enjoy reading about Pickles the dog who saved the World Cup as well as an information text about who invented red and yellow cards. 

Please note, the answers to the questions are on the last page of the document for you to check once you have finished. 









Week beginning 8/6/20


This week, we are going to focus on a famous and inspirational author called Maya Angelou. Watch the video below to learn about her life. 

  •  After watching the video, write down 3 interesting facts you learnt about Maya Angelou. 


One of Angelou's most famous works is her poem, 'Caged Bird'


Caged Bird

By Maya Angelou

A free bird leaps

on the back of the wind   

and floats downstream   

till the current ends

and dips his wing

in the orange sun rays

and dares to claim the sky.


But a bird that stalks

down his narrow cage

can seldom see through

his bars of rage

his wings are clipped and   

his feet are tied

so he opens his throat to sing.


The caged bird sings   

with a fearful trill   

of things unknown   

but longed for still   

and his tune is heard   

on the distant hill   

for the caged bird   

sings of freedom.


The free bird thinks of another breeze

and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees

and the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn

and he names the sky his own


But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams   

his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream   

his wings are clipped and his feet are tied   

so he opens his throat to sing.


The caged bird sings   

with a fearful trill   

of things unknown   

but longed for still   

and his tune is heard   

on the distant hill   

for the caged bird   

sings of freedom.



After reading the poem, think about the following questions:


1) Write down the first 5 things that come to your head when you think of 'Freedom'.


2) Name 3 things that the free bird thinks about.


3) What is the only thing that the caged bird thinks about? Why is this?


4) Why do you think she describes the bird's cage as having 'bars of rage'?


5) Describe 2 ways that the caged bird is prevented from being free.


6) Many people believe that this poem is based on the difficulties that Maya faced in her life because of the colour of her skin. Can you see any links between this poem and the struggles that black people face due to racism?


Final activity: After learning about Maya Angelou and reading the poem, create an illustration of the caged bird to go with the poem. Try to pick out the main themes and ideas from the poem and represent these in a piece of art. Below are some examples:


Work for week beginning 1/6/20


This week, we will be reading the first 2 chapters of the novel, 'Rooftoppers'.


Below is a link to the first 2 chapters of the book. Complete the following activities for each chapter:


Chapter 1 - Before reading, look up the meaning to the following words:








Once you have found the meanings, read the chapter and see if you can spot all of the words. 


Chapter 2 - Once you have read chapter 2, have a go at the following questions:


1) How does Charles feel about Shakespeare?


2) Find and copy some words and phrases on page 9 and 10 that suggest Sophie is upset to find her headstand isn’t perfect.


3) To Miss Eliot, ‘right’ and ‘neat’ mean the same thing. Do you think this is true?


4) How do you think the author wants us to feel towards Miss Eliot? Use evidence to support your opinion.


5) Find and copy the simile on page 14. What does it mean? Is it effective?








Work for week beginning 18/5/20

This week we are going to be reading the opening chapters of David Almond's book, 'Skellig'. There are some comprehension questions for each short chapter. 



Work for week beginning 4/5/20

This week, we will be reading the first chapter of the novel, 'Tin'. 


Before reading, use a dictionary or to find the meaning of the following words:

  • animate
  • sentience
  • embarrassing
  • condolences
  • alleviate


Now read the extract:

Now think about answers to the following questions:


1) In what ways does Jack try to secure his sale?


2) Why do you think that Jack wanted to be sold?


3) “Christopher tried to dampen the hot, sickening anger he felt.”

Why was Christopher so unhappy about the sale?


4) Use a dictionary or to define the word ‘humanely’.


5) Which character behaves the most humanely in this chapter? Why?


6) Which character behaves in the least humane way in this chapter? Why?


Final activity:

Draw an illustration that could fit in this chapter. For example you could choose the part where Jack is showing off his tricks and draw him doing a backflip whilst Mr and Mrs Chapman watch him. 






Work for week beginning 27/4/20

This week, we will be reading part of the fantastic book, Wonder. The link contains the whole book as a pdf so if you do enjoy the beginning of the book, you can carry on reading! 









Work for week beginning 20/4/20

Read the opening extract from the Nowhere Emporium. 

1) After reading the Prologue (p.7-10):


a) Select your ten favourite words/phrases from the prologue and write them down. Then select your overall favourite and explain why you have chosen this.


b) ‘The Nowhere Emporium is magic.’ Find all the evidence in the text which supports this statement.


2) After reading Chapter 1 (p.11-18) answer the following questions: 


V) 'Intricate wooden clocks and mirrors of varying size and splendour covered the walls' - which of the following words is closest in meaning to 'intricate'?

special            round               detailed                   shiny


R) What job did Daniel's dad do before he passed away? 


I) What impression do you get about Spud Harper from this chapter? Use evidence from the text to support your answer (PEPE!). 


P) Do you think Daniel will try and go back to the shop? Explain your answer. 


E) Explain 2 ways that the author makes you feel sorry for Daniel in this chapter. 


S) Put these events in order as to when they happened in the text:


1) The birds exploded into a shower of rubies

2) Daniel turned left at the butcher shop

3) The shopkeeper asks Daniel what his favourite animal is

4) The shopkeeper asks Daniel what his name is

Nowhere Emporium Answers