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Year 4 had a great day on the trip to Cuerden Valley Park. We took part in lots of great activities about river features and river processes delivered by the Cuerden volunteers.

We were joined by some parents this afternoon as we started our British themed collages.

During science week, we worked as engineers to try to build the tallest tower we could that would support a weight ... using only paper! The tallest tower was 65cm tall.

Year 4 have really enjoyed Forest School this term!

We explored the results of our 'eggsperiment'. We found that vinegar was particularly bad for our teeth as it caused the egg shell to disintegrate.

This week, we were visited by two local dentists who talked to us about what foods and drinks are good for our teeth and how to brush our teeth properly. They also gave us some disclosing tablets which we will be using at home to see how much plaque is on our teeth!

In science today, we learnt about what happens to food in our digestive system. We 'digested' a cracker and a banana into our 'stomachs' and added some 'stomach acid'. The food then travelled through our 'intestines' where the useful nutrients were sent to our body and the things we didn't want ended up in the toilet ...

Today, we learnt about the different body parts involved in the digestive system and created a Plasticine model of the digestive system on a body template.

We put the final touches to our electrical games and invited Year 3 and Year 5 to play on them.

This week, we have designed and made some games which involve an electrical circuit. Most of us made wire buzzer games but some of us tried making our own version of the operation game!

In our R.E. lesson today, we worked in groups to create a dance to the song 'We Praise You Lord'.

Today, a lady called Sarah came to talk to us about plastic pollution. She shared a story she had written about a plastic bag called Stanley who was swallowed by many different marine creatures. We then had a go at designing our own sea creatures using plastic bottles, bags and other items.

As part of our electricity topic, we have used an 'energy bar' to find out which different materials are conductors and which are insulators. We then used this knowledge to create circuits where we lit up bulbs and made buzzers buzz using batteries and wires.

This week, we have been doing some work about WW1 and why we should remember all the brave soldiers who have fought in wars over the past 100 years. We created a poppy wreath and learnt about a soldier who attended our school. We also made and painted some clay poppies.

We worked in groups to create posters to show all the things we have learnt about the plague. We then went down to Year 1 and shared our learning with them as they are learning about a similar topic - The Great Fire of London!

We used drama activities to explore the events of Eyam. We discussed how we felt about being asked to stay in the village, even if it meant we would probably catch the plague! We also discovered the gruesome meaning behind the 'ring o ring o roses' song!

This afternoon, we worked in groups to advertise for some Plague Cures. They ranged from rubbing onion and figs on your buboes to drinking urine!