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Lesson 43 (part 2) - Reception

Our Reception Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words.

Today I would like you to play Cross the River.


You will need:

  • Something to use as a river it does not have to be blue just use whatever you have (in school we use a blue towel).
  • Some sound cards or sounds on sticky notes. You may find that your child is struggling to remember tricky words so you may want to use those, you may want to practise blending sounds together to make words so different words on post it notes would be great, or even some sentences.  
  • A puppet or a teddy bear. 


Please do not complete all the different types of Cross The River. Just choose the one you think your child may need to practise!


*if you are struggling to think of phase 2/3 words or sentences have a look at the Letters and Sounds website for some help.* 

Cross The River - Phase 3 Sounds

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Cross the River - Phase 3 Tricky words

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Cross The River - Phase 2 Words

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Cross The River - Sentence Reading

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