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Creation and Covenant

To start our topic, we introduced the Sign of the Cross. 

‘From my head to my heart, 

from my shoulder to my shoulder, 

I belong to you oh God my Father’

We talked about how we are all unique and made by God. We used mirrors to find out what makes us unique then we drew portraits of ourselves. 

God made our beautiful world and everything in it. 
God made me!

Listen to the story of Elmer by David Mckee. What makes you special?

We talked about how we can look after ourselves and our classroom. We are all encouraged to follow our nursery rules. Our rules help to keeps us all happy and safe. 

We looked at photographs of different fathers and learnt that God is the Father of our world. We began to together to make a collage of our beautiful world. 


God looked at the world and said ‘Indeed it was very good’ 

We listened to the story, God’s Brilliantly, Big Creation Story by Dal Woolridge. Then we went for an Autumnal walk and talked about all the wonderful things that God has created for us to love and take care of. How can we take care of God’s world?  

To end our topic we talked about the ways in which we could help to take care of the animals in God’s world. We talked about how we could to care for the wildlife in our garden and chose to make bird feeders to hang in the trees. 

Remembrance Day

We worked collaboratively to create a poppy piece of artwork. Then we explored using watercolours to create our own individual pieces. 

Celebrating Diwali! 

Galilee to Jerusalem

We made crowns and re-enacted the travelling the three kings took to see the baby Jesus. 

We learnt the Glory Be Prayer and thought about the words used to celebrate Jesus. 

We made an emotions chart and talked about what it feels like to experience emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger and jealousy - just like King Herod!