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Spring 1

Narrative- James and the Giant Peach

Our class text for this half term is James and the Giant Peach. We will be using this narrative to focus activities around reading and writing exploring the different characters and events within the story. The children will write their own narrative independently at the end of the half term, using James and the a Giant Peach for inspiration but reinventing the story.

Reading activities

In year 2 we use ‘Viprs’ to focus our reading activities. We use the viprs dogs to support understanding. 


V- Vocabulary Victor- activities are focused around new/alternative vocabulary.

I- Inference Iggy- activities are focused on inference, considering the characters thoughts and feelings or what a character acted in a certain way.

P- Prediction Pip- activities are focused on the children making predictions of what might happen next.

R- Rex Retrieval- activities are focused on retrieval, answering questions by finding the answers directly from a text.

S- Sequencing Suki- activities are focused on sequencing, putting events in order that they occur.