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This half term we have learnt all about light. We have investigated how light travels in straight lines; how we see things and how shadows are formed. 

We have made some super double-page spreads to show what we have learnt this half term. 

We have started our new topic about the heart. Today, we dissected lamb's hearts. We learnt all about the different chambers of the heart and how blood moves through the heart to different parts of the body. Some of us found it a little gross but others loved getting their hands in! Some budding surgeons I think! I big thanks to Zuzanna's mum who works at Dunbia Abattoir Chorley who donated the hearts.

In today's lesson, we learnt all about how the blood moves through the heart. We used some very tough scientific vocabulary and then recorded our ideas in a diagram with an explanation. 

In today's lesson, we have investigated how different exercises can effect our pulse rates. We collected the data on tables and created different graphs. We were really surprised how much skipping and jumping jacks elevated out heart rates.