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Communication and Language

We went for a walk with our listening ears and talked about all the wonderful things we could hear. 

Sssh! What can you hear? 
‘I can hear a bird peep’

’I can hear cars and planes!’ 
‘I can hear the wind’

’I can hear a lawn mower’

’I can hear children’ 

‘I can hear a stomp’ 

We took our binoculars into the forest. What could you see? 



’apples on the tree’

’the pond!’


‘sycamore seeds’ 

Pumpkin Carving! 

What do you think is inside?




’There’s something that connects all the seeds together’ 


What does it feel like?


’It’s cold’

’It’s sticky’ 

‘It feels slimy’ 

‘I can feel the seeds’ 

Blowing is good exercise for the developing muscles in the jaw and mouth.