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Daily Timetable

Structure and routine for young children is important. Therefore, I have created an optional timetable which you may wish to adapt to suit your family's needs. The timetable is based on how we are currently structuring our days in school. It is not essential to follow this particular timetable, as all families and children are different, but please ensure your child is aware of the expectation of the day . Spend some time talking to them about what will be happening in the morning and the afternoon. Remember, a lot of your child's learning over the next few weeks/months will be through real life experiences such as helping you with the coking and cleaning which is perfect for young children. 



Please remember that your child spends large chunks of the school day engaging in uninterrupted play both inside and outside the classroom, so please ensure they have plenty of time to play at home too. If you are available to play alongside them this is great, but if not please do not worry. I am aware that many children have siblings who will also need support and you may also be working from home. You would be amazed at how much children learn through playing and following their own interests, they won't "fall behind" by 'just' playing. 


If you do have the opportunity to play with your child, think carefully about different learning opportunities you can offer. E.g if your child is role playing shops then this is a great way to introduce language to do with money. If they are making a model out of the recycling, then this is the perfect time to introduce 3D shape names such as cube and cylinder. If they are playing pirates, then this is an ideal time to encourage mark making by making a map. 


Outdoor Learning 

Please also try to get outside for a walk/ bike ride /scooter ride each day. Fresh air and exercise is vital to children's health and well-being. It is important to  make sure your child has ample time to learn outdoors as they would at school. E.g digging in the mud, hunting for mini beasts etc. If you have a safe and secure garden you may wish to allow your child free flow in and out during their playtime - don't let the bad weather put you off either. 'Bad' weather is actually fabulous for learning - 'theres no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!' Rain, wind and snow offer so many sensory experiences. E.g watching ho scarves move in the wind, collecting rainwater in different size containers etc. 


Please note: I have not scheduled time for outdoor learning and play on the timetable so that you can fit it in when it best suits you family.