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As part of our DT topic this term, the children planned and made pizzas based on an agreed success criteria. The children had a request from Pizza Hutz to help them design and create a healthy balanced pizza. The children used this request to develop their own success criteria. 

The children realised that before they could decide what topics they would use for their pizza they needed to do some research. The children enjoyed taste testing different ingredients and thinking about their taste, texture and appearance.

To support our design choices and to ensure our success criteria was met, we did some market research within the classroom. The children surveyed each other to identify which ingredients were the most popular. This information was then used to inform their design choices. 

The children designed their pizzas and considered what method they would need to use to prepare their ingredients. The children really enjoyed created their pizzas and practicing and learning new food preparation skills. 

The children evaluated their pizzas against their success criteria.