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Design Technology

24th-28th May 2021

Glove Puppets


This week at St. Bede's is DT week! Year 2 are designing, making and evaluating glove puppets! Our first job was to appraise existing products. We looked at a variety of different puppets, discussed what we like and what we didn't and talked about what a good puppet needs! 


Year 2's next job was to check out different ways of fastening their puppets. In mini tasks, the children tried, sticking with glue, sticking with sellotape, stapling and sewing! They all tried really hard with their sewing, well done Year 2! We then went on to discuss which would be more effective and choose the method we will each use to fasten our puppets. 

Mini tasks - Trying different fastenings.

The Design Phase. 

Now we have tested different fastenings, it is time to design our puppets! Some fantastic ideas Year 2, we have everything from monsters to ninjas, giraffes and bunny rabbits! We also chose some of the decoration we might use. We have buttons, fabric, sequins, embroidery thread and fabric paint!

Year 2 have now had the task of creating a template to use for their puppets. First they drew round their hands to create a paper template, perfecting the glove puppet shape. They were really careful as it needed to fit their hand to meet the success criteria of the project. They then used the template to draw onto their chosen fabric and cut it out. Great perseverance Year 2! This was tricky!

Making the template.

Well it's here! The day they have all be waiting for! We have had a fantastic week and I'm very proud of all the hard work and effort that the children have put in. We have appraised existing puppets, come up with some success criteria, learnt some new vocabulary, designed our own puppets and now we have made them! A great afternoon was had and everyone enjoyed all the sticking, stapling, sewing and gluing that went into them all. Excellent job! Great perseverance was shown by those that struggled too. Very proud Year 2!

Mrs Bilsborough.