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Activities to develop phonics skills


• Encourage your child to listen to sounds in the world around them, and copying the sounds (e.g. ‘can you make a car sound? What sound does a dog make?’)


• Use instruments and their own bodies and voices to make and copy sounds


• Listen out for rhythm and rhyme (e.g. spotting the rhyming words in a nursery rhyme)

• Listening to the sounds in spoken words and splitting a word into its separate sounds (e.g. ‘d-o-g’ makes ‘dog’)


• Use their hobbies and interests! If they’re into animals, see how many different animal noises they can make. Can they copy a sound you make, and tell you what the animal is? Or if they love trucks, cars and diggers, encourage them to make the appropriate noises when they are playing.


• When you’re out and about, listen out for sounds – birdsong, traffic noises, etc. Can your child tell you what made the sound? Can they copy it?


• Sing songs and say rhymes together. Can your child clap when they hear a rhyming word?


• Clap or tap a rhythm. Can your child copy it? Can they clap their own rhythm for you to copy?


•Sound lotto or bingo games


• If you’re ever concerned about your child’s reading, talk to one of the nursery staff. Tell them what you’ve noticed and ask for their advice.