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Our Christmas celebrations.

Today was a very exciting day. We had the bark deliver for our outdoor area. The children loved watching the lorry drop off the bags of bark and enjoyed putting it in the allocated area.

This week we have been celebrating Diwali. We made our own Diva lamps, learnt some Indian dance moves and tried some Indian food. 
The children have really enjoyed our new alpha blocks phonics game to help with segmenting simple words. We have also started our new story The Gingerbread Man. The children listened really carefully to the story and learnt all about the characters in the story. 

Bonfire Night. 

This week we have been learning about the celebration Bonfire Night. We have spent sometime learning about fire fighters and role playing an emergency. The children are very good at ringing 999. As the weather has turned colder we have enjoyed a hot chocolate by our fire indoors, the children used loose parts to make marshmallows to ‘warm’ on the fire! 

We have been learning how to order numbers to 5, practising reading some simple words and securing name writing. 
This week the children have started to notice the changing of the seasons. We have noticed the beautiful changing leaves and found lots of conkers. We have looked very carefully at the different types of leaves this week and have learnt the names of the different parts. We spent some time making leaf rubbings to highlight the veins and the different shapes. We have also used the conkers in our maths lessons to secure our number knowledge of 5. 

This week we have been investigating pumpkins and squash. We hammered some golf tees in to the pumpkins to help develop our motor skills, we compared them to Luther autumn treasures to see which was heavier or lighter and then used them to make bird feeders and sailing boats to sail in our pond at Forest School. We predicted if the boats would float or sink

Rainy days. 
We have had lots of rain this week but that hasn’t dampened our spirits! We put on our splash suits and went to explore the puddles. The children set themselves a challenge of who could make the biggest splash and we explored colour mixing with powder paint! 

Our First Week. 

The children have settled very well and have spent lots of time exploring their new learning area and making new friends.