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Outdoor Education


Outdoor play and Learning is an important part of pupils learning at St Bede's. It is both a form of pedagogy and a curriculum area in its own right. It positively contributes to the wellbeing, health and learning of all our pupils. We have a range of outdoor provision including several outdoor learning areas, playgrounds, a forest school, an allotment and multi use games area.


In England, Ofsted suggest that outdoor learning is an embedded part of good practice. They suggest that outdoor learning should be directly related to our curricular learning. This is supported through further expectations and policy fro DfE and DEFRA - where the focus moves onto sustainability in a wider context , supported through first hand learning experiences outdoors.


Outdoor Learning will be accessible by all, and our staff will consider individuals when they plan experiences outdoors. 



  • To bring learning to life and provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Increase pupils cultural capital  and give them a range of experiences beyond the core curriculum
  • Promote team work and communication skills.
  • Enable children to take on challenges and be risk- takers in their learning
  • For children to recognise that they may have a great sense of wellbeing from spending time outdoors.
  • Move their bodies and be healthier. 
  • Develop a connection with eh natural environment.
  • Learn about their local area and surroundings.
  • Be committed to taking care of our planet.