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We have completed our Spooky Independent writing based on a short film about a haunted house. We think our writing is fantastic. Our next stage, is to spend time with our purple pens seeing if we can improve them even further using our targets. We hope you're not too scared reading them!

We have been working hard to improve our vocabulary and sentence lengths in our spooky writing. We have watched the Film, Francis and are writing the narrative to go alongside the film. 

For our first week, we have been studying the book: Flotsam. Below, we took part in a reading task where we studied objects in different trays. Each tray belonged to a character. We had to infer information about the characters based on the clues in the tray. 

We then discussed the story and looked at certain pictures - again taking inferences and deducing ideas from them about life below the ocean. From this, we collected vocabulary and wrote some stunning setting descriptions. 

As part of our Geography topic, Antarctica, we were thrilled to be joined by Al Sylvester MBE who has explored the continent and reached the South Pole. The children were enthralled by his tales and stories. He then set the task of writing a letter of application to him for an upcoming trip to Mount Everest. We think we have persuaded him we would be the best candidates for his team!