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Our first Come and See topic this term is celebrating. We explored what a celebration is and we celebrate at home and how others celebrate around the world. We talked about what makes a celebration and how it makes us feel. 

'What's Missing?' memory game. We let the children explore different party items - a cake, balloon, bubbles, an invitation, a card... Then we asked the children to close their eyes, we took an item away and asked 'what's missing?' 

A Journey in Love - Physical

We have been exploring the wonder of God's love. We looked at our hands, feet, skin and eye colour and discovered that we are all different. We created a group piece of art using hand prints.


Fingers, nails, faces, noses, lips

God, wonder, love, creation, hands

Ears, hair, features, shapes, size



During this topic we have been learning about how and why people gather together. We talked about the things that we do together and how it makes us feel. 

We talked about how people gather together to hear God's Word and know that they are loved by God. 

What can you see in the picture below? 

Where are the children going? (for their own special children's liturgy with the catechist)

What is happening? 



To begin this topic we are beginning to recognise growth in nature and discover the ways in which things grow. We explored our wonderful outdoor environment to hunt for signs of spring. The children were delighted to find buds and catkins on the trees and frog spawn in the pond! We carefully collected some to take care of in nursery. We can't wait to see how it changes. 

This week it was revealed that Lent is a time when Christians to think about growing in love. How could you grow in love? 

‘Help my mummy tidy my bedroom’

’Share my toys with my friends’ 


’Help someone of they’ve hurt themselves or fallen over’ 


The day on which Jesus died is called Good Friday. On Good Friday people go to church to remember Jesus and listen to the story of how he dies. The Cross is special because it helps us to remember God’s great love fro everyone. 

We listened to the story of the Easter Garden then we made an Easter Garden of our own. We were careful to add some special symbols, such as, spring flowers, white cloth, a tomb and a Cross. 

We decorated Easter Eggs and went egg rolling! 

We made special Easter cards to take home to our loved ones. We decorated each cross with spring flower fingerprints. 

We ended our topic with a moment of quiet reflection. We thought about how we could grow more in love to be more like Jesus. We took our Easter cards and plants home to watch the pm grow over the Easter holidays. Happy Easter to all our wonderful families!