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If you have not watched Thursday's video yet then please do that before watching this one!



Caught on camera!

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You came up with some great ideas yesterday! Did you guess right? It is something mythical and magical! A dragon! I think it is a friendly one and I think its mummy likes us because she has left us an egg to look after! I noticed that the dragon has a saddle on its back. I wonder if it has an owner? I wonder who it could be?
I left the egg in the nest overnight as it is important not to take eggs from nests, but today I found a note in the nest that said "please look after this egg".

We have decided that we will take care of the egg until it hatches as we have decided it would not be sensible to keep a dragon in school! We need to find the Mummy dragon. Do you think you could make a wanted poster? You may like to add some labels or sentences to describe the dragon so people know what to look for. 


In school we are going to put our posters in our classroom windows. You might want to put your poster in a window in your house so everyone in Chorley knows to keep their eye out for a dragon! If you like close to one of your friends from school you might be able to walk past their house and see their poster on your daily walk!