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Braving the winter weather on our sponsored run to raise money for the Bush-fire Appeal in Australia.

PCSOs deliver an Online Safety talk to Year 5.

A helicopter on the school field????

DT - making Christmas gift boxes to carry our homemade (schoolmade) fudge.

Reversible Change - observing what happened when saturated salt solution was left overnight on our snowflakes.

Observing what happens to different materials when added to hot water.

Listening to the Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Parties' Manifestos.

Science - Making Christmas White Chocolate Fudge - an example of an irreversible change.

Using our melting points data to create line graphs and questions.

Finding the melting point of different materials in science.

Enjoying Cloud Busting outside during Black History Month.

Returnng from the half term holiday with their Anglo-Saxon houses.

Year 5 enjoying their weekly flute lesson.

Searching for Anglo-Saxon treasure in Year 5.