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Instruction Writing


The children have been learning how to identify and effectively use adverbs and bossy verbs in preparation for writing their own instruction writing linked to DT- How to make a wrap pizza (follow the below link to see what we have been up to.) 

The children identified features of instruction texts and we then used these features to create a success criteria for our own instruction writing. The children creating some really clear instructions using bossy verbs and adverbs correctly to add detail. 

Traction Man



We have been reading 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey, for our class text. The children have really been enjoying this narrative and have developed lots of their reading and writing skills through the text. 


The children have been learning to orally retell and sequence a story. They have also been working on using adjectives to describe the appearance and characteristics of the character of traction man. They have also been giving thought to character thoughts and feelings and predicting what might happen next in the story.  




Developing adjectives to describe the character

The children have been using learning how to create a noun phrases. We have used all this learnt knowledge about the character of Traction Man and how we can describe him to create an advert to sell him. The children really enjoyed writing and practicing these and using the green screen. The adverts showed a strong understanding of the text and its characters. 

Traction Man Adverts

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