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Understanding the World

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. We listened to the recipe and made sure we had all of the ingredients. Miss Tyrer help us to crack the egg and we used the whisk to mix the ingredients together. We then put the mixture in the pan and when it was cooked we ate it all up! 

We have been learning how to code. We have used our reading skills to read the instructions and plan a routine for Daisy the Dinosaur to follow. We had lots of fun! 

The children have shown a great interest in the role the Police play in our community, so we invited our local policeman in to visit. We learnt that Police Officers help us stay safe and we were able to try out the uniforms and equipment. Thank you so much! 

This week we have been celebrating Lunar New Year!

We are taking part in the Big Bird Watch. This afternoon we made pine cone bird feeders. The children cut the lard, measured the bird seed and used their hands to mix it all together. We then pushed and patted the mixture into the gaps. We popped them in the fridge to set and hung them in the outdoor area. Next week we will observe and record which bird come to visit. 

This term the children have shown a great interest in Penguins. We have been reading lots of information books and watched some David Attenborough videos to learn all about this type of bird. We then decided to pass our knowledge on to others by creating our own non fiction books. We worked really hard to record all of the sounds we could hear in the words we had chosen to use. 

Making Penguin Books

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