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We have been reading Until I Met Dudley By Roger McGough as part of our Explanation writing.

We loved how everyday objects were described in such an imaginative way!

As part of your learning log, could you explain how an object works (in your home or that you know) in a creative way. Here is are some examples. You can complete these in your learning logs!

Explanation Texts - Causal Connectives


Here is the video we watched in class. Can you create some sentences using the following causal connectives?

  • so that
  • this results in
  • which
  • because of this
  • if
  • therefore
  • when
  • as a result
  • however
  • causing the
  • this makes it

Honda Domino effect ad - Chain Reaction

A 2003 British commercial for Honda. Car parts chain reaction. Many imitators since 2003 ! More commercials : .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries on commercial use of above video, please mail to