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Working with numbers to 20. 


If your child is confident in all aspects of number to 20, you can go beyond 20 to challenge them. If your child is not yet confident with number 1-10 then you can continue to work on these numbers. 


As you count up to 20 and down from 20 can you make a pattern? For example, clap on ) , tap your head on 1, clap on 2, tap your head on 3, clap on 4 etc.. or jump on 20, hop on 19, jump on 18, hop on 17 etc.. You could use this as an opportunity to talk about odd/even numbers.


Practise counting up to 20 and down from 20, Can you do this in a LOUD voice? Can you do the sin a quiet voice? Can you do it in a princess voice? Can you do it in a monster voice?


Make some number cards from 0 -20. Put the number cards from 10-20 in a box or bag, or face down on the table or floor. Pick out a number card. If your number card is 13 for example, can you count up from 13 to 20? Start counting at 13 and stop when you reach 20. So you would say 13, 14, 15,16... until you reached 20. Can you count down from 13 until you reach 0? So you would say 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 ...etc until you reached 0. Then pick another number.


Can your child put the numbers from 10-20 in the correct order? How fast can you do it? try to beat you time! You could make this more challenging by having to go and find your numbers like a treasure hunt!


Once your number cards are in order, play a game with somebody in your house.  Close your eyes whilst they turn over a card in the number line, so you can't see the number Do you know which number they turned over? Don't forget to justify your answer. Foe example, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, ?, 17, 18, 19 20. "I know that 16 has been turned over because it is one less than 17 and it comes after 15'. Then you could turn one over from somebody else to guess. 


Practise counting amounts accurately. You could do this b y choosing a number and building a leo tower with the right amount of brick in. You could help count out the vegetables needed for dinner, you could help to count the socks in the laundry! Remember to say each number as you touch or point to the object. Sometimes it is easier to put your objects into a straight line too. Don't forget it is always a good idea to check your answer in Maths.