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How is life different in Kisumu- Kenya to Liverpool- England?



Our Geography topic this term will lead to the children to be able to compare and contrast the city of Kisumu and Liverpool. We have chosen to look at Kisumu as this is our link school. As it is a city with a dock, we are looking at Liverpool as a city for our comparisons as this is also a city with a dock. 


The children started off by exploring the world map and identifying the 7 continents and 5 oceans. 

The children then used Atlases to locate which continent Kenya was in and which continent England was in. From this the children the located Kenya within the continent Africa and England within the continent of Europe. This then led to the children being able to locate Kisumu and Liverpool within their countries. 

The children compared maps of Kisumu and a Liverpool considering the landscape. They looked at similarities and differences of features such as; roads, natural areas, build up areas, areas of water. We also considered what these landscape might tell us about the cities, for example, population and lifestyle.

We compared a range of physical and human features. We identified features of each city.