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New Beginnings

Our first topic of the term is New Beginnings. God is present in every beginning. It is important the children are given the opportunity to explore creation as it is the foundations of human and Christian life.


As part of our R.E. topic, the children have been reflecting on their own ‘new beginnings’, and how they felt during these times. We thought about how God supports us during these new beginnings, when we might feel scared or worried. 

The children have been learning about the creation story. It helped the children to reflect on how thankful they are for the world they live in. The children worked in groups to write their own morning prayers they could use to give thanks for each new day.

The children thought about how God was there at their very beginning, and considered all the hopes and wishes God had for them as they started their journey.

We spent time as a class reflecting on how thankful we are for each new day and that God is there at the very beginning. We reflected whilst listening to a piece of music. We then explored to beauty of a new day and it’s sunrise. 

To end our Advent topic, we thought about Jesus being God’s special gift to the world. We designed and then created stained glass windows to celebrate this.