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Physical Development

We have been learning how to pour our own drinks and serve our own food during snack time.

The nursery children have been busy digging and raking in the allotment. Phew, what hard work!  

During our first PE lesson with Mrs Murray, we explored different ways of moving and balancing. 

We have been developing our gross motor skills and practising using our muscles by bending and stretching to cover the windows with mud! When the mud dried we cleaned the windows with buckets and sponges. 

Jump, roll, balance! 

Is there anything better than jumping in puddles? Jumping develops balance, strength, and agility in little legs and has the benefit of coming in many different styles: big jumps, little hops, run and jump, jumping jacks, arms up or down, jumping with two feet and one-legged hops.

Kick, crawl and balance with Mrs Murray! 

The children thought that the only thing you could do with a pumpkin was carve it. So, we made our own Pumpkin Soup! We used spoons to scoop out the seeds. Then we used knives to cut the pumpkin flesh and onions. We dipped our toast in to taste. It was delicious! 

The Nursery and Reception children took part in a Rainbow Run to raise funds for NHS Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity - The Children's Appeal. Our fabulous families donated £109! Thank you for supporting us! 

We safely used the knives to make our own fruit salads for snack.

We explored making marks on our tree cookies. Then we ventured into the forest to hang them on the branches of the trees.