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Understanding the World

We have been celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee. We learnt lots of different facts about Queen Elizabeth and recorded what we had learnt in our Literacy books. We made our very own crowns and had a street party! We took part in the The Queens Queen Canopy and planted a pear tree!

We had so much fun at Forest School!

We learnt how to be safe in the forest and around the fire. We noticed different plants and talked about the ones that may hurt us such as nettles, we played lots of games and even had marshmallows around the fire! 

We have been using the microscope to investigate different surfaces and talk about the texture.
Is it spikey? Is it hairy? Is it smooth? 

We have had lots of fun exploring different seeds, materials and even different body parts such as our skin, our ears and even our scabs! It was very interesting.