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Reception Class Homework.


Each half term, your child will receive a grid filled with different activities and ideas to complete at home. The activities and ideas will support the learning your child is doing at school and will cover a wide range of skills and experiences within the EYFS. The activities are mostly fun, active and practical because this is how young children learn best!


You do not have to complete all of the activities, please choose the ones that interest your child and fit in with your family life. Activities can be adapted if necessary. For example if your child is interesting in writing you may want to encourage them to write some labels or short sentences. If they are interested in number you may want to include some counting/addition or subtraction. We ask that you aim to complete one activity per week over the half term, but if you are able to complete more this is great!


Once you have completed an activity, either upload pictures/videos to your child's evidence me account or add to your child's sharing book. Please remember to write a little comment explaining what they did. Remember this should be your child's work but we encourage you to help and support them.


​​​​​​​As well as completing the home learning challenges, please ensure you are reading with your child at least 4 times per week, please see the handout for some ideas.