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Top Tips for Reading!


1: Read anything and everything From letters to leaflets, story books to street signs. Engaging and creating an interest in words and print around them is one of the first steps to reading.


2: Read Anywhere Move away from the kitchen table and snuggle up on the sofa, a bean bag, in a reading den or in bed. Wherever they feel comfy, safe and happy to read together.


3: Read Anytime Timing can be key when reading with children. Some are early birds and some are more focussed later in the day. As much as we love our routine if it’s not working try reading at a different time of day to find their happy time.


4: Read above and below their age… Remember to read above to challenge and read below to build confidence.


5: Read Wider Reading new books with a new focus out of their comfort zone means new language to add to their growing vocabulary.


6: Have Fun! Using silly voices, actions, different facial expressions, accents, making up funny alternative endings or changing a character’s name for theirs. These are little tweaks that can really bring a story to life and help your little one to engage.


7: Keep on Reading Keep reading to them even when they become confident and independent readers. Children still love being read to and get so much out of it.


8: Be a reading role model Children love to copy and mimic our actions so if they see a family member reading at home they will want to do it too. 


9: Make it purposeful. Purposeful reading is the perfect way to hook reluctant readers in as they can see a reason for reading. Try exploring recipe books, maps, guides, instructions and magazines to show your child the power of reading.


10: Share the Love Encourage family, friends, pets whoever it is to read with and listen to your little ones. Letting them experience books with other people is an amazing way to build relationships and create special memories