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For phonics home learning tasks we will be revising phase 3 sounds. We will be using daily phonics videos on youtube provided by The Department for Education. Daily lessons start at 10am however you can access this whenever you want. If you feel that your child is struggling with with blending there are also online lessons to help with this. These lessons are uploaded daily at 11am but again you can access them when you like. Below is a weekly breakdown of lessons. All you will need is some paper and a pencil.


If you would like some video clips to consolidate the sounds, the children seem to enjoy Alphablocks (cbeebies) and Geraldine the Giraffe (youtube).


Summer 2 

If you have finished the Blending section with you child, your next step will be to to start the phase 3 reception lessons. 

Phase 3                                                                                        Phase 3 

Summer 2 - week 1 -                                                            Summer 2 - week 1 -

1st June - Review and extend                                       1st June - ai  (27th April lesson)

2nd June - Review and extend                                      2nd June - ee (28th April lesson)

3rd June - Review and extend                                       3rd June - igh  (29th April lesson)

4th June - Review and extend                                       4th June - oa (30th April lesson) 

5th June - Review and extend                                       5th June -oo (moon) (1st May lesson)



                   Phase 3                                                                Blending

Summer Week 2 -                                                             Summer Week 2 -                            

27th April - ai                                                                 27th April - blending with a 

28th April - ee                                                               28th April - blending with p

29th April - igh                                                              29th April - blending with e

30th April - oa                                                               30th April - blending with o 

1st May - oo (moon)                                                        1st May - blending with b


Summer Week 3 -                                                             Summer Week 3 - 

4th May - oo (look)                                                       4th May - blending with i

5th May - ar                                                                  5th May - blending with d

6th May - or                                                                  6th May - blending with h 

7th May - ur                                                                  7th May - blending with u

8th May - ow                                                                 8th May - blending with j


Summer Week 4 -                                                             Summer Week 4 - 

11th  May - oi                                                                   11th May - blending with v 

12th May - ear                                                                 12th May - blending with w

13th May - air                                                                  13th May -  blending with y

14th May - ure                                                                 14th May - blending with x

15th May - er                                                                   15th May - blending with ck


Summer Week 5 -                                                                 Summer Week 5 -

18th May - Review of ai, ee, igh                                     18th May - blending with ll 

19th May - Review oa, oo, ar                                         19th May - blending with ss

20th May - Review or, ur,oo                                            20th May - blending with  zz

21st May - Review ow, oi, ear                                         21st May - blending with  ff

22nd May - Review air, ure, er                                        22nd May - blending with qu


 Half Term -                                                                                Half Term -

25th May - Multi-syllable words                                       25th May - Blending with sh

26th May -Multi - syllable words                                      26th May - Blending with ng

27th May -Compound words                                           27th May - Blending with ch 

28th May -Compound and multi -syllable words             28th May - Blending with th

29th May -Compound and multi - syllable words            29th May - Blending with qu, sh, ng, ch, th