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For the phonics home learning tasks we will be revising phase 3 sounds. This will be accessible for everyone but if anyone has any problems or issues please email me.

Week Two - 30.03.2020:- This week we will focus on the second set of phase 3 sounds (y, z, zz, qu). You could watch the videos below to introduce the sounds. Can you think of any words with those sounds in? Could you practise writing them? Please continue to practise the phase 2 and phase 3 tricky words learnt so far - (no, go, the , and, to, I and he, we, me, be and she). The tricky words song might be able to help with this.




Week One 23.03.2020: - This week will will revisit the first 4 phase 3 sounds. (j,v,w,x,). The tricky words for this week are he, we, me ,be and she. By the end of the week your child should be able to read these words and identify these words in a story a magazine and leaflet etc.  Below are some videos you can use to introduce the sounds, website links to play games with the sounds and some suggested activities.