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Understanding the world

The children suggested that we could use the apples that they picked in the forest to make an apple crumble. We wrote a list of ingredients and checked that we had enough apples. Then we used a variety of equipment to to safely chop, sieve and mix. Then we baked our crumble in the oven. It was delicious! 

Here we are exploring filling, pouring and mixing in the nursery garden.

Here we are making strawberry and banana smoothies for our snack. We talked about where the different scents and textures that we could smell, feel and taste. 

The children are growing in confidence when navigating the school grounds. We worked together to create a map of our favourite outdoor places, then we asked the children to guide us to the tall trees! 

We have been learning about all the different people that help us in our community. The Police, the Fire Service, Doctors, Nurses, Postal Delivery Workers and the School Crossing Patrol. Can you think of anyone else? 

Here we are preparing our entry for the Clayton le Woods Scarecrow Festival! 

During Black History Month, we listened to some fascinating stories about important historical figures such as Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou and Stormzy! 

We spotted a fire engine outside nursery. The firemen told us all about the sirens and lights and then they switched them on! 

Lost in frost!