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Breathing Buddies

Belly breathing with our breathing buddies is one of our favourite mindful breathing exercises. It helps us to calm down the nervous system and figure out what our bodies need to do to relax.


What you need: Comfortable clothes, space to lie down, a small teddy (breathing buddy)


1. To practice belly-breathing, ask your child to lie comfortably and place their breathing buddy on their belly. Older children may prefer to place their hands on their belly rather than using a toy. 

2. Encourage your child to breathe in through their nose as you count to three. Explain that you will see the breathing buddy rise as their belly “fills with air”.

3. Ask your child to exhale to a slow count to four. You will see the breathing buddy lower fall as their belly shrinks. 

Do five to ten rounds of belly-breathing to get started.

When ready, ask your child how it felt.

Is there a difference in how they feel now?

How did it feel when he released the breath?