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School Council

Our School Council is an elected body of pupil representatives. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. Each year group votes annually, appointing two pupils (one boy, one girl) to represent their class. The council meet on a regular basis to discuss the views and ideas of pupils and submit these to Miss Cutler and the Senior Leadership Team.


November 2017


Congratulations to all our newly elected Student Council Representatives. They are looking forward to the first meeting and finding out what their first task is.

October 2017

It is the time of year when we say a big thank you to our existing Student Council Representatives (SCRs) for all their hard work and begin preparing for the appointment of two new representatives in each of the Key Stage One and Two classes.  Soon, prospective candidates will be pitching to their peers in class; explaining why they should be chosen to be the new councillors.  Once all pitches have been delivered, the children will vote in the new representatives, whose names will be announced at the first Celebration Assembly after the half term break.

Autumn 2017 Update:


Friendship Bench


The children met to discuss their next two, and final, tasks as student council representatives.

Task 1: a friendship bench is to be purchased and located within the school grounds. The bench is going to be dedicated to the memory of our good friend and colleague Mr. Gooch.  The children have been asked to think of ways in which we can raise money in order to purchase the bench.


New School Badge


Task 2: The Student Council Representatives have been asked to design a new school badge for St. Bede's. The badge is to be in the shape of a shield and should include words, pictures and symbols that present the community of St. Bede's and our ethos.

Summer Update:


On 20th June 2017 a representative from Inspire Youth Zone, Chorley will be visiting St. Bede's to discuss their project with members of the school council.  Click on the link below to find out more information about the new, purpose-built facility soon to be made available for the borough's young people.      


After the meeting, we will report back on the potential benefits the facility may bring to the children at St. Bede's and any future activities our school councillors may be required to take part in. 


Monday 27th February


School Council representatives met to share all the children's ideas regarding what they would like to do during Science Week later on in the term. (Week beginning 27.03.17.)  All the boys and girls ideas will now be passed on to members of staff and collectively the children and their teachers will decide which of the activities they are going to conduct during Science Week.  

Wednesday 8th February 2017

School Councillors met today to discuss their next task.  Week beginning 13th March will be Science Week at St. Bede's.  Class representatives have been asked to go back to their classes and find out what the children would like to do during science week.  They will bring all the children's ideas back to our next meeting which will be held after the half term break.  

Student Council 2016/2017

Student Council 2016/2017 1

Wednesday 16th November 2016


In our final Awards Assembly of the first half term, we said a great big thank you the children who had been School Council Representatives for the previous year and welcomed our new Student Councillors.

They had their first meeting today where they successfully made some important decisions.  First they chose the winners from all the birthday card competition entries.  The winning cards will be announced during this week's Awards Assembly.  In future, when it's the children's birthday they will receive their very own birthday card designed by one of the children from school.

Following a visit from the NSPCC today, the boys and girls also decided that all proceeds raised during the Christmas Productions will be donated to the NSPCC to help keep children safe.

House Team Names: carried forward to the next meeting.

30th September 2016:


The Senior Leadership Team have looked at the house name entries and whittled down the ideas to a final 6 strong candidates.  The student council representatives will meet next week to vote on and choose the 4 St. Bede's house names.

September 2016 update:

The school council met and were given the task of going back to their classes to find out what the boys and girls would like to call the new 'school houses' that are shortly to be introduced.  All the boys and girls are going to be divided into four teams (houses).  They will remain in this house for the duration of their time at St. Bede's. The student council representatives have been tasked with the job of collecting ideas and bringing these back to the next student council meeting.


Student council representatives brought all the children's ideas to the meeting.  The next task will be to decide which are the most popular then vote on which they think would be most suitable for the 'house' names.

6th May 2016


Collective Worship area update: collectively, the children and staff have decided to position the new collective worship area on the school field to the left of the playground, in the shade of a tree. Located in this area, will be a storytelling chair and a set of inscribed wooden benches.  On beautiful summer days, like today, the boys and girls will soon be able to enjoy outdoor reflections in their dedicated collective worship area. 

Collective Worship/Storytelling Area

5th May 2016 - Outdoor Collective Worship

Student Council Representatives met this lunchtime to discuss our next project - the proposed site of our outdoor collective worship area.  The boys and girls will be gathering ideas from their classmates regarding: the location, seating and appropriate symbols to use when outside and then reporting back to the Student Council next week. The children will then present their ideas to Mrs Derbyshire (R.E. Co-ordinator) and Mrs Plant who will help the Student Councillors reach a decision as to where to position our outdoor worship area.